How to agree on parents for love marriage in Islam, Love marriage is still a major issue in our society. In the present time, there are so many people in the society who believe that love marriage or inter caste marriage are worst to do. In that case, the lovers can make use of Wazifa to solve out their love problem. There are astrologers who can provide you Wazifa for getting marriage in 3 days.
How to Perform the Amal to agree on parents for love marriage?

How to agree on parents for love marriage in Islam

The total duration to do amal is for 11 days continuously. Make a new wudu and recite the amal 3 times. Also, recite Ya ALLAHU Ya Fattahu about 303 times. With your pure heart pray for the easy solution of your difficulties in your love marriage. The quick Wazifa for love marriage will surely help you. Both the partners have to do this on Friday after Friday compulsory prayer.

You have to start with reciting about 10 times Durood Sharif. About 1001 times recite Ya Wadudo. Now, in the end, recite Durood Sharif again about 10 times. Setback some salt and keep this salt with respect. This is one-time Wazifa. Boy will narrate this for his parents and on the other hand girl for her parents’ consent. Then daily mix out this salt in your parent’s food and keep it very nice and polite behaviour with your parents. Some days later, ask them with respect and honour for your marriage proposal. They will surely give their approval. Read more:- Wazifa For Success Love Marriage

How to agree on parents for love marriage in Islam

Whether you are a boy or girl you can complete this Wazifa. But both will have to perform this every day without skipping any of the single days. Before performing the Wazifa you have to first perform a yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara. Once it comes in a positive way you can go ahead with the yaALLAH Wazifa. For doing this you need an expert who can completely help out in your way to love marriage as a specialist gains a lot of knowledge and practiced a lot in the field of astrology. When you start reciting the parent’s ko razi Karne ka Wazifa automatically day by day you can see the changes happening around you.

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